Tuesday , 28 June 2022

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Film Review: Tehran Taboo

filmjournal -The fascinating animated drama Tehran Taboo doesn’t dismiss outright the reality that many residents of the Iranian city might enjoy happily devout or mundane lives, going about their business by the strict codes and regulations of the Islamic Republic. However, this film, written and directed by Ali Soozandeh, is wholly disinterested in those who are leading devoutly moral lives. …

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Top Military Advisor Touts Bizarre ‘Animal Espionage’ Claims

RFL/RE – A senior military advisor to the Supreme Leader says environmentalists may be using animals to spy.

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Christian Convert Arrested In Tabriz Still In Jail

RFL/RE – An Iranian man who converted to Christianity is still in custody after being arrested December 10, 2017, a spokesman for human rights group Article 18 confirmed in an interview with Radio Farda. Article 18 in Defense of Iranian Christians, an NGO that takes its name from the article guaranteeing religious freedom in Iran’s constitution, reported on its website …

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MP Speaks Out Against Scholar’s Death Sentence

Iranian MP Mahmoud Sadeghi has said that an Iranian scholar from Sweden who was sentenced to death was denied sufficient opportunity to defend himself during his trial. Ahmadreza Jalali (or Djalali), a resident of Sweden since 2009, is a physician and researcher affiliated with the Karolinska Institute near Stockholm. While on an official academic visit hosted by Tehran University, Jalali …

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Canada Presses Iran For Details On Death Of Dual Citizen

Reuters – The Canadian government said on Tuesday it was “seriously concerned” with the circumstances surrounding the death of an Iranian-Canadian dual citizen in a Tehran prison, and that it was pressing Iran to provide details on what happened.

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