Tuesday , 28 June 2022

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Iranian women must remain united to advance rights

Al-Monitor -A new form of protest in Iran against mandatory veiling has received much attention in the press and social media in recent weeks. The bold waving of veils on sticks by women who have no apparent affiliation with any movement has not only provoked questions among politicians and even forced some to react, but has also pushed women activists …

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Indian investments in Iran on top of President Rouhani’s visit

PayvandNews – Diplomats in New Delhi say Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani will try to encourage Indian businesses to invest “billions of dollars” in the Islamic Republic during his three-day visit which will start on Thursday. Top on the agenda of Rouhani’s visit would be the completion of Iran’s Chabahar port by India as well as discussions over a potential deal …

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Sanctions: A Substitute For Serious Foreign Policy

lobelog -In recent times, the United States has increasingly resorted to economic and other sanctions to try getting countries, with governments often referred to as “rogue regimes,” to change their behavior. Today, Iran, Russia, and North Korea have been notable targets. But are sanctions genuinely a useful tool of policy—that is, do they work? And, if that proposition is at …

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Ahmadinejad Blasts Judiciary For Prison Suicides, Attacks Leadership

RFL/RE – Former President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has once again lambasted the judiciary, this time while standing on the steps outside the courtroom where his close ally, Hamid Baghaei, was on trial for financial corruption. While Baghaei’s trial was under way, Ahmadinejad accused the judiciary of “confrontation with the people.” Referring to the recent alleged suicides at Iranian prisons, Ahmadinejad said …

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France Says Iran’s Missile Program Must Be Put ‘Under Surveillance’

RFL/RE – Iran’s ballistic missile program must be placed under international surveillance, French President Emmanuel Macron said, in a bid to get tougher on Tehran while preserving the nuclear deal that Donald Trump has threatened to scrap.

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