Friday , 8 December 2023

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Iranian Man Jailed in Germany Over Poison Attack Plot

Iranwire – A German court has sentenced an Iranian man to four years in prison followed by preventive detention for planning an attack with deadly chemicals. Dirk Kienitz, the presiding judge at the Dortmund regional court, said in his verdict that the 26-year old defendant “was determined to carry out a terrorist attack using toxic substances,” according to a court statement.  …

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Iranian Elementary Student Dies After School Camp Accident

Iranwire – An Iranian elementary school student has died from injuries sustained during a school camp in the northeastern Caspian province of Golestan, an accident that raised questions about the organizers’ adherence to weather warnings.  The head of Motahari Hospital in Golestan announced that Emad Shamloo passed away on the evening of November 23. Rasool Salahi earlier said that Emad …

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Iran’s Security Agencies Coerce Muslims to Denounce Jailed Baha’i Women

Iranwire – Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and a prosecutor in Isfahan city have coerced Muslim neighbors and friends of 10 jailed Baha’i women into filing complaints against them, reports say.  Several individuals summoned in this context have been forced to file complaints against these women, under pressure, threats and intimidation, according to Radio Farda.  Yeganeh Agahi, Negin Khademi, Arezo Sobhanian, …

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Iranian Authorities Criticized for “Unlawful” Detentions of Azeri Activists

Iranwire – Nearly 200 Iranian activists, journalists, writers and former political prisoners have condemned a recent wave of arrests and other forms of pressure targeting Azeri civil society activists in the country.  In a joint statement, the 196 signatories urged the Iranian judiciary and security institutions to put an end to the “unlawful treatment” of ethnic Azeri activists. They said that these …

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Iranian-German Citizen Jailed in Iran Flees Back to Germany

Iranwire – An Iranian-German national who was arrested during a trip to Iran in June fled the country after his release on bail, according to Deutsche Welle’s Persian service. Reza Shahri left Iran through the border with Iraq and then traveled to Germany via Turkey, the German broadcaster reported on November 23. Shahri is now back in the western German city …

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