Sunday , 5 December 2021

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Terror designation for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a necessary first step

thehill -After this week, the Trump administration will not only be leading the United States down a different path with respect to the Iran nuclear deal; it will also be employing a revised strategy on the Islamic Republic as a whole. On Oct. 13, President Trump announced the results of a comprehensive policy review, resulting in, among other items, a …

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The Scope And Impact Of Iran’s IRGC Blacklisting

Forbes – Tehran received a major blow following the blacklisting of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist organization by the U.S. Treasury Department after President Donald Trump’s October 13th landmark Iran policy speech. This has senior Iranian officials extremely concerned as the regime in its entirety is desperately attempting to cope with the aftermath. There are those heard struggling to downgrade the impact …

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Former Argentinian Leader Denies Covering Up Iranian Involvement In Bombing

RFL/RE – Former Argentinian president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has denied in court that she covered up for Iranians accused of involvement in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in which 85 people were killed. The charges are “legal nonsense,” Fernandez said after leaving court on October 26. She accused President Mauricio Macri, the center-right leader …

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UN Special Rapporteur: Despite “Encouraging Signs,” Human Rights Deteriorating in Iran

CHRI – In presenting her semi-annual 2017 report on Iran to the United Nations General Assembly, UN Special Rapporteur Asma Jahangir noted positive developments in the country while describing the ongoing deterioration of human rights. “The current human rights situation in Iran is deeply concerning in many respects, but I also believe that there are some encouraging signs which I hope …

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Iranian banks slowly reconnect to the world

AL-Monitor – A recent string of “financing agreements” that various governments and international banks have signed with Iran indicates that Tehran is finding solutions to leave behind the bottlenecks in financing its international projects. The question at this stage is whether or not such deals will facilitate the planned expansion of trade and investment with international — and especially European — companies. The series of …

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