Saturday , 19 June 2021

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Chinese Man Arrested In Iran After Posting Photos Of Women He Met Online

RFL/RE – Prosecutors in Iran have arrested a Chinese national after he posted pictures on social media of local women he met online. The public prosecutor of the city of Kashan said the man, who has not been named, placed the pictures of the women on the Internet without their consent, the semioffficial YJC news agency reported on June 1. Prosecutor Ruhollah …

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We penetrated ‘heart of hearts’ of Iran, outgoing Mossad head exalts at farewell

timesofisrael – Israel managed to infiltrate into the “heart” of Iran, the head of the Mossad said Monday as he bade farewell to the legendary spy agency. Cohen’s comments came at the end of a five-year term as spy chief that is thought to have seen a significant expansion of covert actions against Iran, particularly its nuclear program. That included …

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Political Prisoners Boycotting the Presidential Election

Iranwire – A group of 24 political prisoners in Greater Tehran Penitentiary, who were arrested and sentenced over the bloody protests of November 2019, have sent a letter to IranWire stating that they will not participate in the 2021 presidential election. The group has also urged the wider public to boycott the vote as they consider participation to be an …

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Raeesi’s Crimes Against Humanity Will Haunt his Presidency

Iranwire – Ebrahim Raeesi, the presidential candidate and the current head of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s judiciary, is directly implicated in the extrajudicial killings of thousands of people in summer 1988. From an international legal perspective, he could easily stand accused of crimes against humanity.   If Raeesi becomes the winner of the 2020-21 presidential election, would he also …

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Ebrahim Raeesi: Leadership Hopeful’s Key Role in Brutalizing Dissidents in the 2000s

Iranwire – The first decade of the 21st century saw the seemingly-unstoppable rise of Ebrahim Raeesi stratospheric rise up the ranks of Iran’s judiciary. By the end of the second decade, he had reached the very top. It might have happened earlier, had it not been for the fact that previous incumbent Sadegh Larijani had long been a favourite on …

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