Monday , 26 February 2024

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Iranians expect little from Japan’s mediation efforts

Al-Monitor – Not a day has gone by during the past two weeks in Iran without speculation about the Japanese premier’s visit to Tehran and the agenda of his talks with Iran’s leadership. The speculation has been fueled by reports that US President Donald Trump, during his May 27 trip to Tokyo, had embraced Shinzo Abe’s offer to help alleviate the tensions between …

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Iran scrambles to lift petrochemical sales as sanctions hammer oil

Reuters – Iran has been racing to step up exports of petrochemicals and tap new markets to compensate for sliding oil sales, Iranian and international industry sources said, but now risks losing that crucial revenue as Washington tightens the screw on sanctions.FILE PHOTO: A man counts Iranian rials at a currency exchange shop, before the start of the U.S. sanctions …

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Iran Newspaper To Japan: ‘How Can You Trust A War Criminal?’

AP — A hard-line Iranian newspaper has printed a front page image showing the mushroom cloud of a nuclear blast, meant to criticize the Japanese prime minister’s close ties with the U.S. ahead of his historic visit to Iran. The daily Farheekhtegan, or Educated, followed it up with a large headline in both English and Farsi, saying: “How Can You …

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Iran Guards Deny Reports Of Several Commanders Fleeing Or Arrested

Radiofarda – The spokesman of Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has denied recent reports and rumors that several commanders have fled or have been arrested. (L to R) Muhammad Tavalaee, a former deputy of the Revolutionary Guard, Mostafa Rabiee, Ex IRGC Commander and Ali Nassiri, former commander of the Revolutionary Guards. File photos Ramezan Sharif was quoted Tuesday by IRGC-run …

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Tehran’s Military Expenditures Decline; Iran-Made Missiles, Drones, To Make Up For Ban On Imports

Radiofarda – Iran’s military expenditures have been declining, writes Iranian military analyst Hossein Aryan in an analysis for Radio Farda’s Persian website based on data released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The decline in Iran’s military spending comes against a backdrop of rising tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and these two countries as well as Qatar …

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