Wednesday , 18 May 2022

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Iranian MPs move to impeach three of Rouhani’s ministers

Al-Monitor – Two weeks before the Iranian New Year, which begins on March 21, lawmakers in Tehran are maneuvering to impeach three members of moderate President Hassan Rouhani’s administration. Intriguingly, Reformist parliamentarians appear to be spearheading the move. Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Ali Rabiee, Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhoundi, and Mahmoud Hojjati, the agriculture …

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Historical Tabib mansion in Shushtar, Iran turned into boutique hotel

PayvandNews – The 19th-century Tabib Shushtari mansion has recently been repurposed into a boutique hotel after being fully restored. The mansion is located in the ancient city of Shushtar, southwest Iran. Tabib Shushtari Traditional Hotel “Being the first traditional residence in Shushtar, it has 10 rooms with a capacity to accommodate 39 people …. a considerable feature of the place is …

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Urgent Public Appeal of the European Parliament in condemning the recent repression of the Gonabadi dervishes and calling for the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience

24 Members of the European Parliament published a Public Appeal condemning the massive repression of the Gonabadi Dervishes and their spiritual leader Mr Noorali Tabandeh in Iran on 7th of March 2018. The appeal explains the current situation of the Gonabadi Dervishes: On February 19, the Iranian authorities attacked the Gonabadi Sufi protesters in Tehran during their peaceful protest against the detention …

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In A Sign Of Increasing Poverty Relief Fund Applicants Rise To Five Million

RadioFarda – The president of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (IKRC) says the number of applicants seeking assistance from the charity has nearly gone up 50 percent.

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Iran Regime’s Judiciary Threatens Protesting Workers

Iran-HRM – The Iranian regime’s head of judiciary in Khuzestan province claimed that the gathering and guild protests of the workers of National Steel Industrial Group of Iran “do not comply with the law” and added: “Our patience is limited and if the gatherings persist, we have to deal with them.”

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