Friday , 22 September 2023

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Biden Administration Bypassing Americans, Violating US Law, to Appease Regime of Iran – The Biden administration has been accused of secretly bypassing US laws to reach a deal with Iran’s Islamist regime. On August 10, the Biden administration apparently cut a “deal” excluding Congress and keeping the American people and U.S. regional allies in the dark — even though they are the ones who would be the most directly affected by …

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Injured Iranian Protester Believes Freedom, Democracy Will Prevail

VOA – Kian Derakhshan, who was badly injured in protests following the death of Mahsa Amini last September, told VOA he believes the Iranian people will ultimately prevail, ushering in a new era of freedom and democracy under the banner of “Women, Life, Freedom” in Iran. Amini, 22, died September 16, 2022, in the custody of Iran’s morality police, allegedly …

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Iran’s thaw with regional rivals threatened by UAE, Kuwait disputes

Al-Monitor – Iran strongly criticized this week the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) over two statements by the Arab body that underlined lingering disputes between the Islamic Republic and its rivals in the region.   At a ministerial meeting in Cairo this week, the first GCC statement — also endorsed by the Japanese government — defended the UAE’s claim to the three Gulf …

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How significant is latest US seizure of illicit Iranian oil shipment?

Al-Monitor — The US Justice Department revealed Friday that it disrupted a multimillion-dollar shipment of crude oil being smuggled to China in violation of US sanctions on Iran.  The case involving the Suez Rajan, which federal authorities confiscated in April and redirected toward the United States, came amid wider tensions with Iran over its nuclear program and detention of American citizens.  The …

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Former British soldier who escaped prison was accused of spying for Iran: Report

Al-Arabia – Daniel Abed Khalife, a former British soldier suspected of terrorism offences who escaped from prison on Wednesday, had been accused of attempting to gather information for Iran, the BBC reported on Thursday. Khalife fled from Wandsworth prison in south London on Wednesday morning, probably by clinging to the bottom of a delivery van. His disappearance triggered a major …

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