Tuesday , 22 September 2020

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A Woman Killed by the Police in Sardasht

HRANA News Agency – On Thursday, August 11, a 36-year-old woman was killed following the shooting by the police forces under the supervision of Torjan Base to a Toyota car suspected of carrying Koolbars. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Thursday, August 11, following the shooting by the police forces under the supervision of Torjan Base to …

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“They Took our Comrade in front of our Eyes.” Mohammad Abdollahi’s Cellmates Talk

HRANA News Agency – Cellmates of Mohammad Abdollahi, a political prisoner who was hanged last week in Uremia Prison, with a glimmer of hope were waiting to see their cellmate, after his execution was denied by the provincial authorities, however, they and his family believed that they would never see him again by official confirmation of his execution. According to the …

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Two Prisoners Executed in Public in Southern Iran

Iran Human Rights – Iranian authorities hanged two prisoners in public on Wednesday August 17. Two prisoners were reportedly hanged in public at Saheli Boulevard, located in the city of Bandar Abbas (Hormozgan province, southern Iran), on rape charges.The executions were reportedly carried out on the morning of Wednesday August 17 in front of a crowd of people. The Iranian state-run …

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Iran: Three Ahwazi Arab Prisoners Executed

Iran Human Rights – An Iranian official source has confirmed the execution of three young Ahwazi Arab men from the province of Khuzestan (western Iran). The Iranian state-run news agency, YJC (Young Journalists Club), quoting the public relations department of the Khuzestan Judiciary, has identified the prisoners as: Ghais Obidawi, 25 at time of arrest; Ahmad Obidawi, 20 at time of …

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Rights groups condemn recent execution of Kurdish prisoners and call for an immediate moratorium on all executions in Iran

Iranhumanrights.org  – Iranian authorities must immediately put a halt to the execution of Kurdish political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, 22 human rights organizations stated. These organizations also urged for an immediate moratorium on the death penalty and a right to due process and fair and public retrials for all prisoners sentenced to death. Since the beginning of August 2016 …

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