Thursday , 19 September 2019

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Iran political prisoners cause international concern

Al-Arabia – International concern is rising for more than a dozen political prisoners in Iran who are on hunger strike. Amnesty International issued a statement on Tuesday describing their conditions as “cruel, inhuman and degrading”. Amnesty International said that prisoners at Raja’i Shahr prison were recently transferred to a newly opened area where conditions are suffocating. “They are held in cells …

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Qatar to Send Ambassador Back to Iran

VOA — Qatar said Wednesday that it had decided to return its ambassador to Tehran, more than 20 months after he was recalled in protest over the ransacking of Saudi Arabia’s missions in Iran. Demonstrators in Iran were angry at Riyadh’s execution of a Shi’ite Muslim cleric convicted on terrorism charges. The Qatari decision came amidst a row between Doha and …

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Netanyahu to Putin: Iran’s Role in Syria is a ‘Threat’

VOA – Iran’s growing role in the Syria conflict is a “threat” to Israel, the Middle East and the world, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Iran is putting in great efforts to fortify its presence in Syria,” he added in remarks translated into Russian and posted Wednesday on the Kremlin’s website. FILE – A missile is fired from city …

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Iranian Glue Company’s Rules Attract Scrutiny for Possible Rights Violations

CHRI – The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has declared some workplace regulations at the HL Glue factory in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, to be in violation of the Labor Law, including a requirement that all employees participate in Islamic group prayers. An Iranian human rights lawyer has also compared the company’s regulations to slavery. “You can introduce rules that improve …

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Iran, Turkey move to re-establish role as regional backbone

Al-monitor  — Iran and Turkey are among the oldest rivals in the Middle East. This rivalry between the former Ottoman and Persian empires has calmed in recent decades, yet, with the spark of the Arab Spring, the two nations with opposing alliances revived their bitter race for influence and power in the region. It was clear that the 1823 and 1847 Treaties of …

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