Saturday , 11 July 2020

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In The Haute Seat: Glimpse Into Lifestyles Of Iran’s Elite Kids Spurs Anger

RFL/RE – A glimpse into the conspicuous “luxury” of the wedding of an Iranian ambassador’s son has rekindled public criticism of the high times enjoyed by children of Iran’s elite while many of the country’s 82 million people face acute economic pressure.

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Iran Protests ‘False’ Claims Over Tajikistan Attack On Foreign Cyclists

Radiofarda – The Iranian government has summoned the Tajik ambassador to Tehran to protest allegations linking Iran to an attack that killed four foreign cyclists in Tajikistan.

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Protesters In Isfahan Chant “Have Shame, Khamenei.”

Radiofarda – Protests against Iran’s chaotic economic situation gained momentum on August 1 in Shapoor district of Isfahan in central Iran. According to reports on social media, police used tear gas and paintball bullets to disperse the protesters.

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Fields Medal Stolen From Kurdish Mathematician In Rio

Radiofarda – A winner of the Fields Medal, often called the ‘Nobel Prize of mathematics,’ had his prize stolen shortly after receiving it during a ceremony in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday.

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As Shiite militias kill more people, reports warn of Iran proxies capturing Iraq

Al-Arabia – The Iraqi government imposed a curfew in the town of al-Dujail in Salaheddine governorate north of the capital Baghdad, deploying security forces after clashes erupted between armed tribal militants and forces of Asa’ib Ahl al- Haq, an Iraqi Shiite militia.

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