Thursday , 20 June 2019

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Iran’s Enriched Uranium Stock Halves After Flirting With Limit

VOA – Iran’s official stock of enriched uranium has fallen by half after large amounts stuck in pipes have been recategorized as unrecoverable under a process agreed with major powers, the U.N. atomic watchdog said on Friday. But before that process began last month, Iran came close to reaching a limit on its uranium stock, one of the most sensitive …

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Why Iran wants Palestine back on regional agenda

Al-monitor – Fatima Navab Safavi is the daughter of Mojtaba Navab Safavi (1924-1955), an Iranian cleric and one of the first to mobilize Iranian masses against Israel back in the early 1950s. Donning the traditional black chador, Safavi told Al-Monitor in an interview, “Years before the [1979] Islamic Revolution, my father was able to get thousands of young men ready at …

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Iran will be one of the most powerful economies in the world by 2050

PayvandNews- By 2050, the world is likely to have changed drastically from what we know now, and the planet’s economic and financial landscape will be no exception, Business Insider reported. Read full report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) A report from professional services giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) looks at which economies around the world will be the biggest and most powerful in 33 years time. …

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Syrian Opposition Leader Labels Iran ‘Main Obstacle’ To Peace Deal

RFL/RE – The lead negotiator for the Syrian opposition at peace talks in Geneva has singled out Iran as the biggest obstacle to settling the conflict in Syria. “Iran is the main obstacle to any kind of political deal,” Hariri said, but Russia — which is also Syria’s ally — shares the blame. “Russia failed to control the regime and …

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Four Azeri Rights Activists Sentenced to More Than 10 Years in Prison for Peaceful Activism – Four Iranian ethnic Azerbaijanis have been issued long prison sentences for peacefully defending their rights, the Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has learned. One defendant, Alireza Farshi, told the Campaign that Branch 1 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court had sentenced him to 15 years in prison and two years in exile while three of his colleagues—Akbar Azad, …

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