Wednesday , 21 August 2019

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Namazis Lose Appeal Against 10-Year Prison Sentence

CHRI – Iranian-American Businessman and His 81-Year-Old Father Remain Held on Unspecified Charges after Sham Prosecution That Lacked Due Process. Iranian-American businessman Siamak Namazi and his 81-year-old father Baquer have lost their appeal against a 10-year prison sentence issued for undeclared “espionage” charges, according to their American lawyer. “I condemn in no uncertain terms the cruel and unjust decision of the Tehran Appeals Court,” their …

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New chapter in Iran-Turkey ties could have major impact on Syria

Al-Monitor – For more than six years, the regional rivalry between Iran and Turkey and their support of different sides of the Syrian civil war have been major obstacles to finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict. However, the recent rapprochement between Tehran and Ankara has renewed hopes for the political process to proceed toward a unified solution — one that seemed highly …

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Iranian FM who opposed US embassy takeover dies

Al-Monitor – Ebrahim Yazdi, foreign minister in Iran’s interim government after the 1979 Islamic Revolution who later became an opposition figure, died of cancer Aug. 27 in the Turkish city of Izmir. He was 86. In 2016, with his health deteriorating, he had sought to undergo surgery in the United States, but after being denied a visa, settled for an operation and treatment in Turkey. Decades before the revolution, Yazdi had …

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High-Frequency Chip Brings Iranian-American Researchers One Step Closer to Next Generation Technology

PayvandNews – A novel, high-frequency electronic chip potentially capable of transmitting tens of gigabits of data per second – a rate that is orders of magnitude above the fastest internet speeds available today – has been developed by engineers at the University of California, Davis. Omeed Momeni, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC Davis, and doctoral student Hossein Jalili …

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Iran’s Kish Airline to buy Boeing, Airbus planes

PayvandNews – Iran’s Kish Airline has announced an ambitious plan to purchase over a dozen new planes from global aviation giant Airbus and Boeing. Kish Airline CEO Mohammad Taqi Jadidi was quoted by the domestic media that the plan envisaged buying 10 planes from Boeing and 6 more from Airbus. Jadidi told Iran’s IRNA news agency that the new Airbus planes would be …

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