Thursday , 20 June 2019

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The Leader OF Dervishes Is Under House Arrest

Radiofarda – Without directly using the term “house arrest,” the leader of the Gonabadi dervishes says he has been confined to his residence. In a video message, the 91-year-old Nour Ali Tabandeh said he hoped the restrictions imposed on him and other Gonabadi dervishes would soon be lifted. Calling his followers the “faghir” (poor) and “soulmates,” Tabendeh assured them he …

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Ahmadinejad Branded As ‘Full-Fledged Counter-Revolutionary’ For His Defiant Remarks

Radiofarda – Former hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has criticized “the closed circle of Iranian leadership,” in a strongly worded commentary on his website Dolat-e Bahar on March 7. Ahmadinejad says that the closed circle has reached “the last act of the show,” and “the powerful hand of the nation will break this rigid circle.” This is the harshest tone and …

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Dancing School Girls Anger Conservatives

Radiofarda – Iran’s prosecutor-general has officially called for those responsible for a ceremony celebrating Women’s Day in Iran to be prosecuted. Reportedly, the ceremony, during which a group of small girls jovially danced in front of a mixed-gender audience in Tehran, has deeply angered conservatives all over the country.

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Negotiating Iran’s Missile Program Will Not Be Easy And Quick, Says Expert

Radiofarda – As the fresh deadline set by US President Donald Trump to amend the Iran nuclear deal is approaching, three European allies, France, United Kingdom and Germany are eager to salvage the agreement. In doing so the Europeans have engaged in direct talks with the US; 3rd round of such talks is set to take place in Berlin Mid-March.

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Iran’s Attorney General Ordered Action Against Women’s Day Event Organisers

Iran-HRM – Iran’s top legal attorney general seeks to take action against organisers of a Women’s Day event in Tehran, after young girls were shown dancing on stage at the mixed gender festival held on March 7, according to the state-run ISNA news agency.

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