Thursday , 20 June 2019

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Iran’s March Oil Exports Fall To Two-year Low As Asia Demand Eases: Source

Radiofarda Iran’s crude and condensate exports are set to fall to a two-year low this month as loadings for its main Asian buyers will tumble by one-third from the previous month, said a person with knowledge of the country’s tanker loading schedule.

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Iran Attributes Attack On Its Embassy in London To Ayatollah Shirazi’s Followers

Radiofarda – Four men armed with batons and daggers entered the Iranian embassy in London Friday afternoon and replaced the Iranian flag with the flag of a group called Khoddam al-Mahdi (Servants of Mahdi).

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Teacher’s Union Leader Violently Detained, Wife Says

Radiofarda – A member of the board of directors of the Teacher’s Trade Association of Tehran was battered and violently detained on Saturday, March 3, his wife has disclosed in an interview with Radio Farda.

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Police Spokesperson Says 27,000 Police Patrols To Be Active In Nowruz Holidays

Iran-HRM – The state-run ILNA news agency on March 7, quoted the Police Spokesperson Saied Montazer al-Mahdi as saying that 27,000 police patrols would be active during the Nowruz holidays.

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Feminist Trio Takes Defiant Song To Tehran’s Subway, Video Goes Viral

RFL/RE – A video of three Iranian women singing a famous feminist song on Tehran’s subway on March 8 to mark International Women’s Day is going viral on social media and highlighted ongoing challenges to veiling and other discriminatory laws.

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