Wednesday , 3 June 2020

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Prince Reza Warns Iran May Try To Provoke Attack Ahead Of Security Summit

Radiofarda – Tehran may try to bait the West into a limited military attack in order to distract public attention away from its “corruption and incapability,” exiled Iranian Prince Reza Pahlavi tweeted January 22.

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U.S. Intelligence Sees Threats From Russia, China, N. Korea And Iran

Radiofarda – A major U.S. intelligence report released in Washington on January 22 lists Russia, China North Korea and Iran as the “traditional adversaries” of the United States.

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Pompeo Calls Islamic Republic Of Iran ‘A Truly Malign Actor,’ In Middle East

Radiofarda – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has characterized the threat from Iran in the Middle East region as “very real,” adding that the United States is committed to the stability of the region.

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Ex-Iranian prisoner Hassan Karimi reveals secrets of regime’s jails

Al-Arabia – “There are several pictures and videos showing the brutal treatment of citizens in the form of beatings in public. So, you can imagine the extent of torture that takes place in dark prison cells.”

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Iran Arrests 72 Young Partygoers For Drinking, Dancing

Iran-HRM – At least 72 people have been detained at a mixed-gender party where alcohol was being served, in Sari, the capital city of Mazandaran province, the local Prosecutor General has disclosed.

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