Thursday , 21 September 2023


Ukrainian President Zelensky criticizes Iran’s support for Russia during Congress speech

Al-Monitor – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticized the Islamic Republic of Iran during his speech to Congress Wednesday evening.  Zelenskyy came to Washington to meet US President Joe Biden and secure more aid for Ukraine as it fights against Russia’s invasion of the country.  Speaking in his quintessential army green sweatshirt, Zelenskyy spent much of the speech bashing Russia and thanking the …

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Detained Women Journalists Moved to Qarchak Prison

Iranwire – Detained women journalists have been moved to Qarchak prison from Evin amid an intensified crackdown against media workers.   “88 days after Niloofar Hamedi’s detention I was finally able to enter the Evin prosecutor’s office and talk to the prosecutor,” Hamedi’s husband Mohammad Hossein Ajorloo tweeted. “The only result was that they said Niloofar and Elaheh Mohammadi were transferred …

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Young Iranian Woman Detained for 46 Days Over Tweet

Iranwire – A young Iranian woman has been in detention for the past 46 days in Iran for a single post on Twitter and has been deprived of life-saving medicine, IranWire can report. Parisa Sohrabi was summoned to Tabriz Internet Police on October 1 after she criticized the Islamic Republic on her Twitter account. She was arrested immediately after her arrival at the police station. …

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Iranian Officials Say No To Constitutional Reform, Amid Popular Calls For Change

Iranwire – The heads of the Iranian legislative and executive branches of government have spoken against any change to the constitution, amid weeks of nationwide popular protests calling for more freedoms and women’s rights. Iran has been gripped by anti-government demonstrations since a 22-year-old woman died in custody on September 16 after her arrest by Tehran’s morality police for an …

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Iran says taking retaliatory measures for IAEA resolution

Al-Arabia – Iran has said it is taking retaliatory measures against the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over a resolution criticizing Tehran’s lack of cooperation with the nuclear watchdog. The United States, Britain, France and Germany had on Thursday brought the motion adopted by the UN agency – the second of its kind within six months. Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman …

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Iran Hypersonic Missile Claim Raises Nuclear Watchdog Concern

RFL/RE – An Iranian general claimed on November 10 that the Islamic republic had developed a hypersonic missile capable of penetrating “all defense systems,” raising concerns from the UN nuclear watchdog. The announcement comes after Iran admitted last week it had sent drones to Russia but said it had done so before the Ukraine war. The head of the International …

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Unidentified Drone Strike Targets Iranian Fuel Convoy In Syria

RFL/RE – At least two fuel trucks were destroyed in an air strike by an unidentified drone on the Syrian side of the border with Iraq late on November 9, Iraqi security and border officials told Reuters. The strike was carried out by a drone and targeted a tanker-truck convoy carrying Iranian fuel that had entered via the Qaim border …

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Tajikistan, Uzbekistan deny assembling Iranian drones used in Ukraine

Al-Monitor – Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have both denied assembling Iranian drones in their territories.  What happened: Last week, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon interviewed Russian oil tycoon Leonid Nevslin, who is now based in Israel. During the conversation, Gordon insinuated that Iranian drones used by Russian forces in Ukraine are being assembled in Uzbekistan. It is possible that Gordon misspoke and meant Tajikistan, the …

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