Saturday , 4 December 2021

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Children’s Theater Director: Puppets Eating Cucumber are Forbidden

Iranwire – Director, actor and puppet theater veteran Hani Hosseini has lambasted the censorship of TV shows by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. The IRIB’s increasingly bizarre restrictions, coupled with a lack of government support, he said, have led to declining audiences as youngsters in Iran seek out foreign works instead. Theater Practitioners Got $70 in Aid During Covid In an interview …

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Fake Vaccine Certificates Already Circulating as Iran Reopens Universities

Iranwire — After three semesters with classes held online, universities in Iran are set to reopen for in-person classes imminently. The decision was met with widespread opposition but Iranian officials have insisted reopenings proceed according to plan. For now at least, unvaccinated students at many institutions have been told to stay at home. Islamic Azad University, one of the biggest …

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Iran parliament rejects Raisi’s pick for education minister

Al-Monitor – After a heated parliamentary session Nov. 16, Iranian lawmakers refused to give a vote of confidence to Masoud Fayyazi, who had been proposed by hard-line President Ebrahim Raisi to run Iran’s Education Ministry.   The 46-year-old conservative jurisprudence expert fell short by 16 votes of the required threshold of approval from half of the 260 present lawmakers. The vote came as …

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Official Reveals Annual Workplace Death Figures in Iran

Iranwire – Iran’s deputy minister of cooperatives, labor and social welfare has announced that the country records 13,000 work-related accidents every year, of which 700 to 800 are fatal. If correct, this would mean around three Iranians per 100,000 in formal employment are killed at work each year: a relatively high ratio compared other countries, even before the informal sector …

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Colombian Defence Minister Reveals Iran-Backed Assassination Plot

Iranwire – Defence Minister of Colombia Diego Molano has surprised many with a statement that will undoubtedly have diplomatic consequences: “Iran and Hezbollah are enemies of the country”. Colombia, he said, is monitoring Hezbollah after accusing the militant group of carrying out criminal activities within its borders. Molano’s remarks came during an official visit by the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, …

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Plaintiffs Worried as Keyvan Emamverdi Rape Trial Begins in Tehran

Iranwire – The long wait for the criminal trial of Keyvan Emamverdi, a former student at the University of Tehran’s Faculty of Literature alleged to have drug-raped dozens of women, was finally over this weekend. In October last year, Tehran’s police chief claimed the bookstore owner had confessed to raping “more than 300” women over 10 years, after no fewer …

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Pentagon: Iran Navy Flew Helicopter in ‘Unsafe’ Proximity to USS Essex

VOA — An Iranian Navy helicopter flew within 23 meters of U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship while it was traveling in the Gulf of Oman last week, according to the Pentagon. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters Monday the helicopter “operated in an unsafe and unprofessional manner,” flying as low as 3 meters from the water’s surface and circling the …

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Iran: Details of 324 deaths in crackdown on November 2019 protests (updated as of November 2021 with new information)

amnesty – This document contains the details of 324 men, women and children documented by Amnesty International as having been killed by Iran’s security forces during their crackdown on mass protests that erupted across Iran between 15 and 19 November 2019, following the government’s announcement about the significant overnight rise in the price of fuel. Choose a language to view …

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IRGC Syria commander removed ‘upon request from Assad’

Al-Monitor – Until a few weeks ago, he was among the strongest men in Syria — if not the strongest — but Javad Ghaffari’s last battle in the war-torn country was this time with no one other than the ruling elite he came to the country to defend. “He became a liability,” an official Syrian source told Al-Monitor on condition …

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