Tuesday , 23 July 2019

Science and Technology

Iran’s Royan Institute clones Murciana goat

PayvandNews – Scientists at Iran’s Royan Research Institute has succeeded in producing the country’s third cloned goat belonging to Murcia-Granada breed of goat.  Dr. Mahdi Hajian, Head of Embryology Department at Isfahan Campus of Royan Research Institute, made the announcement asserting “following successful cloning of Saanen and Alpine goats, we sought to clone a third one from Murcia-Granada breed.” Imported …

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Iranian media workers warn of ‘death of independent journalism’

Al-Monitor – “Working as a professional journalist is subject to obtaining a journalist’s license from the Media Governance Organization [MGO] of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” This sentence is part of Article 52 of the [MGO] Bill, which is currently being reviewed by the administration’s Cultural Commission. The bill, which has six chapters and 66 articles, was introduced and drafted in …

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Rouhani Admin’s New “Fair Usage” Internet Price Rates Violate Net Neutrality

CHRI – Seven months into President Hassan Rouhani’s second term, his Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi has introduced a new pricing scheme for internet usage that violates net neutrality while improving state censorship capabilities. Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all online data the same, and provide the conditions for unfettered access. In …

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Iran: Reformist MPs Call on Science Ministry to Allow “Starred” Student Activists to Attend University

CHRI – Students accused of engaging in peaceful activism continue to be banned from attending university in Iran despite President Hassan Rouhani’s election campaign promise that he would lift the ban. On November 30, 2017, the reformist newspaper Jame-e Farda reported that between 150 and 200 graduate and PhD-level students were blocked from enrolling in Iranian universities in the current …

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Israeli tech puts Iranian ride-hailing startups in bind

Al-Monitor – Iran’s recent decision to once again block Waze, a mobile navigation app developed in Israel, has created a great deal of controversy in the country. The GPS-based software had become popular both among the public as well as Iran’s leading ride-hailing apps, Snapp and Tap30. Snapp (founded in 2014) and Tap30 (founded in 2016) — known as the …

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Iranian Hackers Have Set Up a News Outlet to Court Possible Targets, Security Firm Says

calcalistech – An Iranian cyber espionage group known as Charming Kitten is believed to be behind a campaign targeting academic researchers, human rights activists, media outlets and political advisors focusing on Iran, according to a report published earlier this week by Israel-based threat intelligence company ClearSky Cyber Security. The group has also set up a news outlet called The British …

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Long road ahead for Iran’s medicinal plants industry

Al-Montior — The world has seen great advances in medicine in recent centuries, leading to the discovery and manufacture of numerous types of drugs to cure diseases. Yet many around the world still prefer to use plants and natural products to improve their health, mainly to avoid side effects caused by chemical drugs. As a result, the production of medicinal …

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Iranian Official Threatens “Restrictions” on Social Media Networks That Reject State Censorship Policies

CHRI – A senior official representing Iran’s top internet regulation body has threatened to take action against social media applications that refuse to comply with the country’s strict censorship rules.  “Foreign messaging networks should comply with the polices of the Islamic Republic of Iran and should not publish immoral material,” said Abolhassan Firouzabadi, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme Cyberspace Council (SCC), on November 14, 2017. “If …

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