Wednesday , 24 April 2019

Science and Technology

NAJA Confronts Café Nets Using Anti-Filters

Iran-HRM – Mehdi Mir-Mehdi the head of Tehran’s Computer Techs Guild Union cited the increase in use of anti-filters during these days and said: “The new chief of site-police of NAJA has notified the union about the regulations of prohibition of using VPN and anti-filters in café nets.”

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How US sanctions will impact Iranian startups

Al-Monitor — On May 8, US President Donald Trump finally carried out his threat to pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran. Agreed on by Iran and six world powers back in 2015, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) still has the support of its remaining signatories, namely the European Union, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. But …

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Iran’s Telegram Users Back on the Rise Three Weeks After State Banned the App

CHRI – Three weeks after Iran banned the widely used Telegram messaging app, the telecommunications minister posted a chart online showing that the number of Iranian users had begun rising to pre-ban levels. The posting marks the first time an Iranian official has presented figures implicitly confirming the failure of state censorship policies. cartoon by Taravat Niki, Ghanoon daily On …

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Iranian Officials Call For Unblocking Twitter

RFL/RE – Six Iranian ministers and two lawmakers, all members of the state committee in charge of blocking websites, have issued an open letter to the country’s prosecutor calling for the unblocking of Twitter. The letter was issued in response to “the growing public demands for unfiltering Twitter to allow the activity of the youth and media in [it],” the …

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