Friday , 20 May 2022

Health and Hygiene

Health Minister: Covid Did More Damage Than Iran-Iraq War

Iranwire – “We have been dealt more damage by Covid-19 than we were in eight years of war,” Iran’s deputy health minister has said. In a speech welcoming the new president of Gorgan University of Medical Sciences, Younes Panahi also issued a fresh call for people to stick to health protocols as Omicron sweeps through Iran. “We know we’ll reach …

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Rights activist Arsham Rezaei goes on hunger strike over lack of medical care

Iran-HRM – Imprisoned Iranian rights activist Arsham Rezaei, has been on a hunger strike and refused to take medication since February 7, to protest being deprived of access to medical care and sick leave. In a recent audio message released from prison, Mr. Rezaei announced that in Iranian prisons, “pain is diagnosed and relieved with expired drugs.” He said in …

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Confusion Over Omicron as Iranian Airlines Ignore Health Directive

Iranwire – The Omicron outbreak is still ongoing in Iran. Health officials now say that for the time being, any and all cold symptoms must be treated as suspected Covid-19. But they face resistance from large swathes of the Iranian population desperate to return to normal life, in many cases for financial reasons. Meanwhile, President Ebrahim Raisi called on people …

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Covid-19 Cases on the Rise as Omicron Sweeps Through Iran

Iranwire – The number of Iranians testing positive for coronavirus has risen sharply to almost 22,000 in the past 24 hours, with 30 members of parliament reportedly among them. Abolfazl Abu Torabi, the MP for Najafabad, confirmed the news about his colleagues, adding: “The Presidium of the parliament has urged all deputies to take a coronavirus test.” The true number …

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Iranian Parliament Hit By Omicron Outbreak

RFL/RE – Thirty members of Iran’s parliament are in quarantine after testing positive for the omicron variant of the coronavirus. In announcing the positive tests on January 30, lawmaker Abolfasl Abutorabi said that the 290-member legislative body seeks to test all members to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, according to the semiofficial Fars news agency. The Iranian government has …

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‘Back to Square One’: Health Ministry Comfirms Sixth Wave of Coronavirus in Iran

Iranwire — The Ministry of Health and Medical Education has formally announced a “sixth wave” of coronavirus infections is under way in Iran. Omicron has now become the dominant variant: something officials had previously claimed would not happen due to Iranians having “more antibodies” after the late-starting vaccination drive.   The head of Iran’s Food and Drug Administration recently claimed the country …

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Iran denying medical care to political prisoner with COVID-19 symptoms

Iran-HRM – Political prisoner Payam Shakiba has been denied access to proper medical treatment despite contracting Covid-19 at Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. The activist was arrested on January 3, after apearing before the Implementation Unit of Evin Prison’s Court, and was transferred to the prison to start serving a 13-month prison sentence. In September 2021, Shakiba was sentenced by Branch …

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Iran’s ‘Smart’ Covid Pass System Blighted by Low Resourcing

It’s now been around six weeks since Iran’s “Smart Covid Management” project first got under way. The basic premise was to use an online data processing system, dubbed Omid (Hope), to track vaccination rates across Iran. Implemented in phases, a digital QR code system was meant to give the fully-vaccinated graduated access to government buildings, public transport and other key facilities, with the unvaccinated …

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Iranian political prisoner’s plea to human rights organizations: the full letter

Iran-HRM – In a letter from Kamyaran Prison, political prisoner Salar Sediq Hamedani referred to the torture he and his father had endured. In the letter, political prisoner Salar Sediq Hamedani, who was recently banished to Kamyaran Prison, wrote about his fathers’ illness and inability to endure imprisonment. He also explained that the confinement of political prisoners in Iran together …

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