Friday , 24 March 2023


How does Iran circumvent the sanctions on dual-use and military goods in Europe?

Radiozamaneh – The international military equipment and dual-use goods procurement network of the Islamic Republic of Iran is an extensive network operating in countries from East Asia to Europe, North America, South America and North Africa. This includes companies and individuals who provide military and dual-use equipment to Iran through secretive and dangerous means. Instead of prioritizing the livelihoods and …

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Women are the Victims of Iran’s Economic Crisis

Iranwire – Women have been disproportionately affected by Iran’s economic crisis, with more women out of work than at any time over the last six years, a new report by Iran’s government statistics agency confirms. The 2021 report, entitled “Half of the Labor Market Missing as Iran’s Economy Begins Recovery” and published on July 14, assesses Iran’s recovery following the …

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Iran to return to oil markets as soon as sanctions lifted, says Zanganeh

(Reuters) – Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said on Friday he told an OPEC+ meeting that Iran would return to the markets swiftly if U.S. sanctions are lifted, regardless of decisions made by the producer group. “At this meeting, we spoke about Iran’s return to the market, and I said that any decision which is made does not affect our …

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Oil Industry Workers Go on National Strike in Iran

CHRI – For the past week workers at refineries, petrochemical plants and power stations in Iran have been on a national strike, demanding payment of back wages, pay increases to reflect inflation and improvements in health and safety at the workplace. The depth and breadth of the strike has raised speculation that it has the potential to cripple the country, similar to …

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Raisi’s economic agenda may depend on Iran nuclear deal

Al-Monitor – Ebrahim Raisi’s election to the Iranian presidency has raised significant concern about the future direction of Iran’s domestic and foreign policy trajectory.  As a Principlist conservative with close ties to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Raisi is an Islamic religious nationalist who sees the preservation of the Islamic Republic’s security and stability as key to his tenure …

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Fact Check: Have Iran’s Non-Petroleum Exports Increased by 69 Percent in a Year?

Iranwire – “Iran’s non-oil exports in the first quarter of 2021-2022, compared to in the spring of 2020, have increased by 69 percent,” outgoing President of Iran Hassan Rouhani claimed at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, June 23. Have non-oil exports really jumped so significantly in 2021-2022, amid ongoing sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic? And would any increase in non-oil exports in 2021 be an …

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Oil Strikes in Iran: What are the Contract Workers’ Demands?

Iranwire – On June 19, Iranian workers at Farab Company’s Bidkhoon Power Plant project in the southern province of Bushehr downed tools and left the power plant en masse. The walkout came as part of nationwide strike action called by the Council for Organizing Protests of Contract Oil Workers: the biggest wave of industrial action to affect the country’s petroleum industry in …

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700 Tehran Oil Refinery workers threatened with dismissal for going on strike

Iran-HRM -Workers at the Tehran Oil Refinery say that following their strike to protest the low level of their earnings, the refinery officials distributed a settlement form among 700 workers to expell them from their jobs. Oil workers in different cities have joined a nationwide strike in the oil and petrochemical industries in protest to low wages and difficult working …

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Mass Strike Action at Iranian Oil and Gas Plants

Iranwire -Thousands of workers in Iran’s oil and gas industries have downed tools in protest over low wages and shoddy working conditions. The strike action was called by the Iranian contract oil workers’ union and could last for up to a week. Two days after the call went out on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, images posted online showed employees in …

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