Monday , 6 December 2021


Official Report: Iran Could Use Cryptocurrencies to Avoid Sanctions

Iranwire – The Iranian Presidential Center for StrategicStudies, a thinktank attached to President Rouhani’s office, has published a detailed report stressing the necessity for the regime to use cryptocurrencies to generate extra income. Extracting cryptocurrencies, the report states, could provide economic benefits to several different sectors of the country’s economy. It claims that if the government intervenes seriously it could generate US$2 million a day and …

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Iran oil output faces race against time as US sanctions linger

Al-Arabia – Iran’s oil reserves risk becoming stranded assets unless the new US administration eases sanctions that have left the country lagging rivals in output capacity and losing a race against time as the transition to low carbon energy gathers pace. For the latest headlines, follow our Google News channel online or via the app. Iran, which sits on the …

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On Revolution Anniversary, Analysts Blame Iran’s Islamist Ideology for National Decline

VOA – Iran’s prolonged economic recession and increasing regional isolation as its Islamist rulers mark 42 years in power is largely a result of those rulers maintaining ideological adherence to their 1979 revolution through a discordant power structure, according to some Iranian analysts. Iranian authorities celebrated the anniversary of the revolution by mobilizing government supporters to stage a series of …

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Imprisoned Editor: Kolbars Signify the Collapse of Iran’s Economy

Iranwire – Massoud Kordpour, a human rights activist and editor-in-chief of Mokrian News Agency, describes new IranWire documentary They Shoot Kulbars, Don’t They? as a short but clever account of the history of poverty, deprivation, and discrimination in Kurdistan. *** Massoud Kordpour lives in Iran and currently resides in Bukan, in West Azerbaijan province. The new documentary They Shoot Kolbars, Don’t They? reminded him, he tells …

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Citizen Journalist Report: Unemployment, High Prices and a Chaotic Economy

Iranwire – The latest report from the Iran Statistics Center, on poverty and the incomes, says at least 70 percent of Iranians are living below the poverty line and are experiencing financial hardship. Etemad newspaper has quoted an informed source in Iran’s forensic medicine organization as saying that, from March 2020 to the end of November, an average of 15 …

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Iran’s hard-line parliament rejects president’s budget draft

Al-Arabia – Iran’s parliament, dominated by hard-liners, rejected on Tuesday a budget bill proposed by the country’s relatively moderate President Hassan Rouhani, state TV reported. For the latest headlines, follow our Google News channel online or via the app. The move is part of a political struggle between moderates and conservative hard-liners in Iran’s parliament ahead of June elections, which …

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Prices in Iran Continue to Soar Despite Better Exchange Rates

Iranwire – The average price of the dollar in the first month of winter decreased by about 17 percent compared to the first month of autumn. According to Iran’s Central Bank statistics, in September last year the average price of the US dollar was 29,342 tomans on the black market. The average market price in January has reached 25,000 tomans. However, …

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“Suffering” Iranian Retirees Joining Nationwide Protests Against Chronic State Failures

CHRI – On January 10, 2021, Iranian retirees gathered in front of government buildings in at least 19 cities including–Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, and Yazd–to protest the government’s lack of response to their demands. The protesters, who receive retirement checks from the State Welfare Organization’s (SWO) pension fund, chanted slogans against state policies and officials at well-organized rallies. According to official statistics published by the …

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Nazanin’s Ransom Added to Iran’s Next Year Budget

Iranwire – Iran’s parliament has expressed confidence that the United Kingdom will pay the equivalent of $800 million to release jailed Iranian-British citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a new budget committee report has indicated. The report also stated that it will add the amount to its military spending. Iranian parliament’s Budget Consolidation Committee has announced that 20,000 trillion tomans [$800 m] will be added …

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