Thursday , 21 October 2021


Discover Ghadamgah: A millennia-old place of worship embedded beneath rock cliff

PayvandNews – The creation of rock architecture across the Iranian plateau is influenced by the religious, geographical, and political atmosphere of their time. Such structures are mostly formed by dominated empires of the time. Sometimes a place of worship has continued to be served in later periods but is has been changed in their functions. Experts say one of the …

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The Forgotten History of Iranian Nationalism

Radiozamaneh – The origin of Iranian nationalism remains a matter of debate. Many argue that it starts with Cyrus the Great in 500 BC, but alternative views give weight to the Pahlavi Dynasty in the twentieth century. The Concept of “Iranianness” most likely has roots across several historical eras. One of the most notable periods in this discussion dates back …

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Tabas Geopark in Iran moves closer to possible UNESCO registration

PayvandNews – An extensive dossier, which is an essential prerequisite for possible UNESCO inscription of a site, has almost been completed for the gigantic Tabas Geopark, which is situated in east-central Iran.  Tabas Geopark, which is situated in a vast county of the same name, has enormous potential to be registered as “the biggest geopark” [in West Asia region] and its trustees …

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‘The Salesman’ Star Taraneh Alidoosti Given Suspended Prison Sentence in Iran

Variety – Taraneh Alidoosti, star of Asghar Farhadi’s “The Salesman” and one of Iran’s most popular female actors, is set to receive a five-month prison sentence on charges of anti-government activism, BBC Persia has reported. The BBC Persia report cited Alidoosti’s lawyer Kaveh Rad who tweeted that the sentence has been suspended for two years and would be officially announced in …

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Kaldar cave in Iran estimated to date over 63,000 years

PayvandNews – Nearly one decade of archaeological surveys at Kaldar cave has concluded that parts of this western Iranian shelter date more than 63,000 years. “After a decade of studying the cultural evidence yielded from the three seasons of archeological excavations at Kaldar Cave, the recent results show that a Paleolithic layer in the middle of this the cave is …

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Iran’s ‘Ancient Sport’ Not A Man’s World Anymore

Radiofarda – Iran’s “ancient sport” — or “varzesh bastani” — a traditional form of athletics that combines elements of Islam and ancient Persian beliefs, has long been a male-only domain. But not so much anymore. In recent years, an increasing number of women have taken on the discipline. The sport is also referred to as “varzesh pahlavani,” meaning the sport …

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Famed Iranian Actor Mohammad Ali Keshavarz Dies At 90

RFL/RE – Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, a legendary actor in Iranian film, theater, and television, has died at the age of 90 in Tehran. Keshavarz was hospitalized in early June with a kidney problem, after which he was placed in the intensive care unit due to a lung infection. The prominent actor had been ill since 1990 and hospitalized several times. …

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Photos: Aladaghlar (Rainbow) Mountains in Iran

PayvandNews- If you are looking for a natural place to be amazed, you should take a trip to Zanjan Province in Iran and see the colorful Aladaghlar Mountains. ”Ala” in Azeri Turkish language means colorful and ”Dag” means mountain. The Aladaglar rainbow mountains and hills are tucked into the northwest of Iran, 25 kilometers in the northeast of Tabriz between …

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Petroglyphs hold clues to 14,000 years of human life in Iran

PayvandNews – Archaeologists have found prehistoric rock drawings near Natanz in central Iran which give clues about the rise of human presence that is rooted in 14,000 years of history.  Existing findings prove that human life goes back to 6,000 years in the region. “A 14,000-year-old evidence of human social life has been identified by experts who examining rock carvings being found …

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