Thursday , 23 September 2021


First Ever Release of 1978 Farah Choir Recording – After 40 years, a never-before-heard recording of the Farah Choir, which was supported by the former queen of Persia Farah Diba (Pahlavi), has been released in Europe. The release of the recording, which contains seven Persian folk songs, was planned for 1978, but was halted due to the Islamic Revolution. “In 1973, Farah Pahlavi Charity Foundation commissioned Evlin …

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Iran: Bushehr Friday Prayer Imam Says Music Is Haram

Iran-HRM – A sermon by Hassan Mosleh, the Friday Prayer Imam of the town of Borazjan in Bushehr was published in the local Khabar-e Junoob newspaper which indicates that he is fundamentally against music. “In our hadiths and traditions, there are numerous disadvantages to listening to music”, he said. “Some of the most important of these damages include nerve imbalance, …

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Sacred fire alive for 1,550 years at Iranian Zoroastrian temple

PayvandNews – Iran’s central city of Yazd is home to one of the fire temples most sacred to Zoroastrians worldwide with a flame that has been burning for nearly 1,550 years.  The Yazd temple is one of the world’s nine Zoroastrian fire temples which hold the sacred Atash Behram, meaning Fire of Victory.

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Iranians mark Nature’s Day as Norooz holidays end

PayvandNews – People across Iran are celebrating Sizdah Bedar, the ancient festival of nature, on the last day of  Norooz holidays, with many leaving their houses and spending time outdoors in the fresh spring air before getting back to work and their regular routine after the holidays.

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How conservatives are elbowing out Reformists in Iranian cinema

Al-Monitor – Iranians have long been fond of cinema, and the country’s politicians are no exception. But in recent decades, politicians have been increasingly influencing the film industry to achieve political objectives. Iranian cinema and politics have always had a relationship with each other, but the role of cinema in politics surged in the late 1990s. Indeed, Iranian presidential candidates …

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Nowruz The Persian New Year at the spring vernal equinox in IRAN, Central/West Asia and in Diaspora is commemorated

PayvandNews – The flower buds of yellow, violet, red and white crocuses of saffron bulbs, intermingled with the blossoming daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and the Persian violets, herald the arrival of Nowruz (Norooz). The Persian New Year, signaling the rebirth, rejuvenation and reconciliations, appropriately arrives on the spring vernal equinox. Spring in Iran and the wider region is the harbinger of jubilation with the …

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