Monday , 15 July 2024

Water Pollution Suspected in Rezvanshahr Poisoning Incident

Iranwire – A growing health crisis has emerged in the northern Iranian city of Rezvanshahr as reports indicate that at least 400 residents have been poisoned, with numbers continuing to rise daily.

According to the Etemad newspaper, local sources suggest that the poisoning may be due to the “mixing of sewage water with drinking water.”

However, official statements have been cautious, with relevant authorities seemingly reluctant to confirm the exact cause.

Taghi Ashubi, president of Guilan University of Medical Sciences, said, “Initial investigations of people admitted to medical centers indicate water pollution as the cause of poisoning, but the main cause of this incident is still under investigation.”

Nader Safavi, the Governor of Rezvanshahr, confirmed that citizens have been experiencing symptoms including nausea, body pain, and stomach burning.

He added that those affected have been treated at local hospitals and medical centers.

The head of Rezvanshahr Hospital has advised citizens to boil drinking water before consumption, indicating ongoing concerns about water safety.

The hospital has reportedly also limited visits to those who have been poisoned.

Adding to the controversy, some sources and residents said that the poisoning incidents began two weeks before the news was made public.