Sunday , 14 July 2024

IHRNGO Calls for Urgent International Action to Free Sharifeh Mohammadi

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); July 9, 2024: Sharifeh Mohammadi, a workers’ rights activist detained in Rasht Central Prison, has been sentenced to death for charges of baghy (armed rebellion) for her civil and peaceful activities. Condemning her death sentence in the strongest terms, Iran Human Rights urges international action to save her life.

Director, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam said: “Sharifeh Mohammadi was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court without due process or a fair trial after spending months under torture in solitary confinement. In addition to being inhumane, her death sentence has no legal basis. There’s no higher expression of the Islamic Republic’s fear of trade unions than sentencing a workers’ rights activist to death. We call on the international community, workers’ unions and the International Labour Organisation in particular, to defend Sharifeh Mohammadi’s legal rights and to save her life.

According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, Sharifeh Mohammadi was sentenced to death for baghy charges by Branch One of the Rasht Revolutionary Court on 4th July, a day prior to the second round of the presidential elections in Iran.

Sharifeh is a 45-year-old workers’ rights activist from Mianeh in Eastern Azerbaijan who resided in Rasht. She was arrested on 5 December 2023 and held in solitary confinement and denied access to phone calls and visits. According to reports, she was subjected to severe psychological and physical torture to extract forced confessions.

Her relatives have said: “Sharifeh never took armed action and was sentenced to death solely for her peaceful activism in workers’ rights organisations. She was under physical and psychological torture throughout her detention.

Article 287 of the Islamic Penal Code defines members of any group that stages armed rebellion against the Islamic Republic of Iran as “baghy” (one who carries out baghy or armed rebellion), and that its members shall be sentenced to death on charges of baghy should they have used weapons. 

Rapper Toomaj Salehi was previously sentenced to death for baghy charges, which was later commuted to a prison term.