Wednesday , 24 July 2024

Iran’s Students, Activists Urge Presidential Vote Boycott

Iranwire – A coalition of ten student organizations and activist groups has issued a joint statement calling for a boycott of the upcoming “ridiculous” presidential polls. 

Labeling the vote a sham, they declared their true ballot is for the ongoing “revolution of Woman, Life, Freedom.”

“A handful of people with a history of crimes against the people of Iran have returned to the stage for the presidency of a government that is at war with its own citizens,” read the statement.

“The candidates approved by the Guardian Council do not represent the people of Iran,” it added, dismissing them as “merely a tool and mechanism to appoint another perpetrator of crimes against humanity” as head of government.

The signatories, including prominent student activists, condemned the Islamic Republic’s elections as an orchestrated process to install officials “committed to maintaining the policies of the Islamic dictatorial system based on misogyny, imprisonment, torture, and execution.”

The call to boycott comes after other Iranian activists and political prisoners also advocated shunning the June 28 polls. 

Jailed civil rights campaigner Golrokh Eraei lambasted reformist politicians, accusing them of enabling past “catastrophic killings” and the “consolidation of power of the Islamic Republic.”