Wednesday , 12 June 2024

Urgent Action to Save the Life of Prisoner of Conscience Kamran Sheikheh

Iran-HRM – Kamran Sheikheh, a 40-year-old prisoner of conscience from Mahabad, is currently at serious risk of imminent execution. He is currently held in solitary confinement in Ghezalhesar Prison, awaiting the execution of his death sentence, which could be carried out by the Iranian judiciary at any moment. Earlier, six of his casemates were executed in the same Qazalhasar prison. Kamran Sheikheh has been imprisoned for nearly 15 years, serving time in both Qazalhesar and Urmia prisons.

Kamran Sheikheh, a Kurdish political prisoner, was born in 1984 in Mahabad. He holds a high school diploma and is unmarried. He was arrested in 2009 along with six other Sunni individuals from his hometown. They were severely tortured in the Urmia Intelligence Office to extract forced confessions. In March 2016, they were sentenced to death by Judge Mohammad Moghiseh (Naserian), and in June 2018, their death sentences were upheld by the Iranian judiciary.

The charges brought against them include the murder of an Imam of the Friday Prayer in the Rashidin Mosque in Mahabad during the nationwide protests in 2009 and their alleged involvement in the uprising on December 7, 2024. Prior to this, Khosrow Basharat, Anwar khezri, Farhad Salimi, Davood Abdollahi, Ayoub Karimi, and Ghasem Abasteh were executed in Qazalhesar Prison during the past 15 months.

The Iranian judiciary, in a non-transparent process and through an unfair trial marred by pressure from security institutions, sentenced these seven Kurdish political prisoners to execution. Kamran Sheikheh is the last remaining individual in this case.

Iran Human Rights Monitor (Iran HRM) calls for immediate and concrete action to halt the execution of political prisoner Kamran Sheikheh and calls upon the United Nations, the European Union, and their member states not to remain silent in the face of these executions. It condemns these state-sanctioned massacres and demands immediate and practical action to stop this bloodshed. Silence in the face of such crimes committed by the Iranian regime is a fundamental violation of human rights and democratic standards.