Thursday , 30 May 2024

The Continuation of the Hunger Strike by Political Prisoners in the Campaign “Tuesdays Against Execution”

Iran-HRM – On Tuesday, May 14th, 2024, political prisoners in Evin, Khorramabad, Karaj, Khoy, and Naqadeh prisons went on a hunger strike as part of the sixteenth week of the “Tuesdays Against Execution” campaign.

Political prisoners participating in the “Tuesdays Against Execution” campaign, in a statement they released today, have issued a warning regarding the imminent execution of two political prisoners, Khosrow Besharat and Kamran Sheikh, who have been subjected to brutal torture and are now facing the threat of execution after enduring 10 and 14 days of torture, respectively. They began their statement as follows:

“The cruelty of the torturers towards Khosrow Besharat in Ghezel Hesar Prison far exceeds the cruelty of the perpetrators in Auschwitz during the Nazi regime.”

We are holding the sixteenth week of the ” Tuesdays Against Execution” campaign while two of our fellow political prisoners, Khosrow Besharat and Kamran Sheikh, who are prisoners of conscience, have been transferred to solitary confinement cells in the high-security ward of Ghezel Hesar Prison after enduring 14 and 10 days, respectively, in preparation for the inhumane execution sentence.

Continuing with the statement, it states:

It is stated in the statement that historical records show that the agents of the fascist Nazi regime in Germany, unlike the judicial and security authorities of the Islamic Republic, would send innocent Jews to the showers in Auschwitz without knowing that they intended to kill them, and then carry out their massacre by releasing poisonous gas in the showers.

This means that the victims of Auschwitz, unlike Khosrow, Kamran, Farhad, Mohammad, and the thousands of executed prisoners by the Islamic Republic, were not subjected to the horrifying “expectation of execution” through brutal torture. Any awakened conscience affirms that the cruelty of Eichmann and his Nazi accomplices in Auschwitz was less than that of the suppressive agents and executioners in the Islamic Republic.

At the end of the statement, the political prisoners were reminded of the following:

“We, the hunger-striking prisoners in Gezel hesar, Evin (Women’s Ward and Wards Six, Eight, and Four), Khorramabad Prison, Karaj Central Prison, Khoy Prison, and Naqadeh Prison, express our strong protest against the death sentence imposed on Khosrow Besharat and Kamran Sheikh and the brutal torture deliberately inflicted upon these two individuals. They have been kept in horrifying solitary confinement in Gezel hesar Prison for an extended period, on the verge of execution.

Furthermore, in protest against issuing death sentences or the finalization of these inhumane verdicts for our dear compatriots such as Tomaj Salehi, Mahmoud Mehrabi, Habib and Abbas Daris, Reza Rasaei, Mojahed Korkor, and dozens of others, we will continue our hunger strike on this Tuesday, May 14th, 2024. We demand an end to this medieval situation and the inhumane executions in Iran.