Thursday , 30 May 2024

Strict Hijab Enforcement Dominates Tehran International Book Fair

Iranwire – “You do not have the right to enter the exhibition with this cover,” one of the Basij women patrolling in front of the entrance gate of the Tehran Book Fair said to a girl attempting to enter.

Strict Hijab Enforcement Dominates Tehran International Book Fair

She directed the girl to a nearby booth called “A Good Feeling.”

The girl responded, “I came from home with this headscarf and coat, and I don’t have any other clothes with me.”

The Basij woman replied that her clothes didn’t cover her properly, insisting she couldn’t enter the fair with that cover and must go back to change.

After a few more exchanged sentences, the girl was forced to forgo her visit to the book fair.

At all four entrances of this year’s Tehran International Book Fair, a “Good Feeling” booth had been set up.

Basij women sat there, warning women and girls whom they deemed to have “improper clothing” not to enter.

The topic of women and hijab was more prominent in this year’s book fair than ever before, with warning signs everywhere.

The “Knowledge Center” booth with the theme “Challenge of Dialogue about Women and Hijab” stood at the entrance of the exhibition halls, while the “Thinking Station” was set up in other parts of the halls.

These were places where veiled women engaged with others, discussing the importance and characteristics of hijab.

“Women’s Freedom in Two Thoughts” stands were another feature of this year’s book fair.

These stands juxtaposed two historically significant women: one whose thoughts aligned with the principles of the Islamic Republic, labeled as an enlightener, and another whose ideas differed, depicted as misguided.

Among these stands was a picture of “Farah Diba,” the last queen of Iran, referred to as the “Queen of Delusion.”

Next to her was a picture of “Goharshad Khatoon,” hailed as a history-making queen.

Goharshad Khatoon, wife of Timur Lang, was known as a religious and wise woman in history.

Addressing women and hijab at this exhibition didn’t end with these displays.

Sentences attributed to domestic and foreign thinkers were published under the title “From the Eyes of World Famous People” throughout the exhibition.