Thursday , 30 May 2024

Security Crisis Stirs Iran With Violent Crimes, Brutal Hijab Enforcement

Iranwire – Iran is facing a growing security crisis as violent incidents plague cities and social media floods with outrage over police brutality against women defying mandatory hijab laws.

On Tuesday, images emerged of a machete attack at a Delfan County hospital in Lorestan province.

Videos reportedly show attackers threatening individuals in the emergency department.

Local media claims the perpetrators were apprehended, but the incident adds to a growing sense of unease among people.

Further fueling concerns, social media posts by Iranian journalists expose armed robberies targeting homes in Tehran’s Sardar Jangal neighborhood. 

#قمه_کشی اراذل و اوباش در اورژانس #بیمارستان ابن سینا دلفان در لرستان…
جای تو کوچه و خیابون در حال جدال و تعرض به ناموس مردم بودن جلوی اینجور کارها رو بگیرین.#نه_به_جمهوری‌_اسلامی— ⁴آرین👑 (@fuxy_twite) May 15, 2024

Witness accounts describe gunmen terrorizing residents with Kalashnikovs and Colts, raising questions about the effectiveness of the law enforcement.

These incidents come amidst a month-long crackdown on women, who oppose mandatory hijab, under the government’s “Noor plan.” 

Social media users have likened the police’s violent tactics against women to “enemy attacks” and compared them to “ISIS brutality.”

Videos obtained by IranWire depict police forces beating and arresting women who refuse to wear the hijab.

Authorities claim an officer responsible for one particularly brutal assault has been arrested, but the outrage continues. 

Many users feel a lack of security for women and children, with some reports suggesting the perpetrators in Tehran remain at large.