Monday , 25 September 2023

IOPHR Statement on the one year anniversary of Mahsa Jina Amini’s tragic killing

Shabtabnews – On the solemn anniversary of the tragic death of the Iranian girl, Mahsa Gina Amini IOPHR in a statement commemorated “the tragic loss of innocent girl, falsely justifying their actions by citing her inadequate hair coverage.”

In the statement IOPHR stated, “In the Woman, Life, Freedom” movement Iranians of all ages, weary of outdated beliefs and political deception, took to the streets. Their sustained and fervent protests showcased their unwavering determination to bring about significant political and social reforms in Iran, for the world to witness.
Over the past year, the unwavering and collective participation of Iranians, especially the brave and tenacious young women and girls who spearheaded this transformative movement, evolved this societal protest into a political revolution. Their dedication aims to permanently dismantle the pillars of ignorance, eliminating superstition, unawareness, and violence.”

In the statement IOPHR also called “upon all governments, especially those who advocate democratic values, to cease their support for the unauthorized regime in Iran, upholding the rights of its citizens to chart their own course.” And asked “the global community’s backing in facilitating a national referendum in Iran. This referendum should be supervised by delegates from reputable international bodies such as the United Nations and the European Union. Additionally, we demand the immediate suspension of the current Iranian regime’s membership in all international assemblies, notably the United Nations and its associated committees, until the outcome of the referendum clearly establishes the political system chosen by the Iranian populace “

IOPHR also urged “all human rights-supporting governments to go beyond mere verbal endorsements of the Iranian people’s revolution — a revolution rooted in human rights values and the pursuit of freedom. We encourage these governments to adopt concrete measures, such as curbing political and diplomatic relations with the unauthorized regime governing Iran. In doing so, they can demonstrate their unwavering commitment to the fundamental values that underpin their societies.”

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