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Monthly Archives: June 2023

Gunman Attacks Isfahan Prison and Police

Iranwire – An unidentified individual opened fire at the main entrance of Isfahan Central Prison on Thursday night, shooting at the premises from a vehicle before fleeing the scene, local media reported.  The police chief of Isfahan province said on Friday that the assailant used a Kalashnikov rifle during the attack. The attacker was killed after the police gave chase.  …

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Pardoned but in Pain: Protesters Endure Lasting Effects of Violent Crackdown

Iranwire – Alinaqi Rahmati and his brother Meysam, once spirited protesters in the city of Qazvin, found themselves ensnared in a web of brutality and injustice when they were arrested in last December.  Their story, one that goes to the depths of human suffering, is emblematic of the hardships faced by countless individuals under the Islamic Republic. Despite the authorities …

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Israel acknowledges inability to thwart a US-Iran ‘mini agreement’

Al-Monitor — Statements by Israeli officials indicate that Israel’s government seems to have accepted the emerging deal between the Biden administration and Iran being hammered out in indirect negotiations facilitated by Oman.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dubbed the emerging deal a “mini agreement” in closed-door remarks this week to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, according to Israeli media.  Since …

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Britain’s ‘swarming drone’ research shared with Iran

thejc – Scientists at British universities are helping Iran develop “game-changing” swarming drone technology that could allow hundreds of Unmanned Arial Vehicles to be operated simultaneously using lasers, the JC can reveal.Military experts believe the command-and-control system could enable Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) — which runs its military drone programme — to launch overwhelming suicide swarm attacks on …

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Iranian Students Forced To Declare Political, Religious Beliefs

iranintl – During exams in Iran, school students were given questionnaires to probe religious, political and social beliefs. Among the questions, one asks if people must obey the decisions by the government. The students had five options as “strongly agree, agree, no idea, disagree, and strongly disagree.” “I am happy about living under the Islamic Republic in Iran”, “I have …

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Tehran Residents Report Further Water Issues Despite Government Claims Of Fix

RFL/RE – Residents of Tehran are reporting a fifth consecutive day of water cuts despite government claims that a shortage, which last year sparked demonstrations in many areas of the country, had been resolved. Energy Minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian said on June 13 that, while the issue had been taken care of, residents should conserve water as much as possible until levels …

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Slain Child’s Mother Under House Arrest

Iranwire – Kian Pirfalak’s mother, Mahmonir Molaei, has been under house arrest since Sunday, June 11, IranWire reveals. Reliable sources confirmed that the Islamic Republic’s security forces have surrounded the residence of Kian Pirfalak’s parents and seized all their household belongings. Agents are also controlling nearby streets and have blocked any filming in the area. No information is available regarding …

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Prominent Cleric Banned from Pilgrimage Voyage

Iranwire – Iran’s security agencies have banned Molavi Abdulhamid, the revered Sunni cleric, from leaving the country for a planned Hajj pilgrimage to Islam’s holy places in Saudi Arabia. A statement issued by Molavi Abdulhamid’s office revealed on June 14 that the prominent Friday prayer leader of Zahedan, in Iran’s Sistan and Baolichistan province, had already prepared for his pilgrimage …

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US Denies Interim Deal on Iran’s Nuclear Program

VOA – The United States said Wednesday that reports of an interim nuclear deal with Iran “are false and misleading.” State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters the United States remains committed to ensuring Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons and has been monitoring Iranian enrichment activities. Since the United States withdrew from the 2015 international agreement that restricted Iran’s …

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