Friday , 22 September 2023

Only Female Candidate for Wrestling Federation Presidency Disqualified

Iranwire – Iranian authorities have disqualified the only woman candidate for the post of president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Wrestling Federation, adding to growing concerns regarding the fairness and inclusivity of electoral processes within Iranian sports institutions.

Only Female Candidate for Wrestling Federation Presidency Disqualified

A source with knowledge of the matter told IranWire that Muna Mirzaei has been barred from running by the “relevant authorities” due to “non-completion of documents.”

Mirzaei previously led Iran’s national women’s wrestling team. She holds a doctorate in sports management.

Her disqualification adds to increasing concerns about the treatment of women in Iranian sports federations since the appointment of Hamid Sajjadi as minister of sports and youth. 

Alireza Dabir, the current head of the wrestling federation, enjoys support from security institutions and parliament speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf. 

In the past, the Ministry of Sports and Youth and security institutions invoked various reasons such as “incomplete documentation” and “lack of managerial experience” to disqualify candidates running for the presidency of the football federation.