Monday , 5 June 2023

An open letter from the (IOPHR) to all Members of UK Parliament, regarding Mr. Vahid Beheshti’s hunger strike

Shabtabnews – In an open letter the International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR) on the 50th day Mr. Vahid Beheshti’s hunger strike  urged “the UK Government to implement the views of a large section of the general public who are endangered by the threats posed by the IRGC, and also the views of the majority of MPs, who on 12th January, in a non-binding vote, asked the UK Government to proscribe the IRGC.”

The letter also stated that ” Mr. Beheshti has stated in numerous open letters to the UK Prime Minister, there are no good reasons for the IRGC not to be proscribed. But sadly, despite the views of the Members of the UK Parliament, the UK Government has come up with an ever-increasing array of excuses not to follow the wishes of the MPs in its non-binding vote, rather than facilitate the proscription.”

The letter, also officially responded to some of the common justifications mentioned for not proscribing the IRGC, and requested that “the Members of the UK Parliament to visit Vahid Beheshti opposite the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and urge the Foreign Secretary as well as the Prime Minister to do the same, as Mr. Beheshti is risking his well-being to advocate for human rights, the protection of free speech, freedom of press and the safety and security of Great Britain.”

For full text of the letter please see below link: