Monday , 5 June 2023

Protesters Held In Poor Conditions In Great Tehran Penitentiary

Iranwire – The activist HRANA news agency says around 500 people arrested during nationwide protests are facing poor living conditions in an overcrowded ward of Great Tehran Penitentiary.

Inmates in the prison’s Ward 3 suffer from “unhealthy drinking water, inadequate sanitation, and insufficient food portions,” it said on March 23.

“This ward has about 250 beds, and more than half of the inmates have to sleep on the floor,” an inmate’s relative told the group.

Prison authorities do not provide any toiletries, and prisoners must purchase these items from the expensive prison store, the relative added.

Another inmate’s relative spoke about the poor quality of drinking water, saying that “inmates have to purchase water from the prison store” and that “meals are also of low quality and insufficient.”

A former inmate who was recently freed told HRANA that prison officials do not return the prisoners’ belongings such as wristwatches and cell phones upon their release.

Iranian authorities have cracked down hard on the nationwide protest movement triggered by the September 2022 death of a young woman in police custody.

Security forces have killed more than 520 people and detained over 20,000 since the demonstrations began, activists say. Following biased trials, the judiciary has handed down stiff sentences, including the death penalty, to protesters.