Sunday , 2 April 2023

Iran’s Border Guards Kill Afghan Migrants In Sistan and Baluchistan

Iranwire – Iranian border guards have killed at least 11 Afghans who had illegally crossed into Iran, reports say.

The carnage happened on March 11, when the border guards opened fire on a group of Afghan migrants who tried to reach the border town of Saravan in Sistan and Baluchistan province.

The Baloch Activists Campaign, which covers news in the province, reported that at least 11 Afghan citizens were killed in the shooting.

According to the Afghan news site 8AM, those killed were all young Afghans from the southwestern Nimroz province.

It said the 11 bodies were transported to Nimroz on March 15.

Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in 2021, many Afghans have been trying to flee the country by land, with the aim of reaching Europe via Iran.

Iranian border guards have increased their control at the border with Afghanistan in an attempt to stem the flow of migrants.