Friday , 2 June 2023

Improper Outfit: Women’s Gymnastics In Iran To Remain Unlicensed

Iranwire – An Iranian sports official has said that women’s gymnastics will not be licensed in the country due to “cultural” reasons.

“The gymnastics attire is not permitted due to cultural considerations, as it is a crucial component of the athlete’s overall appearance, along with the make-up required for championship-level competition,” Mahin Farhadizadeh, vice president of Women’s National Olympic Committee, said on March 6.

Farhadizadeh told a press conference that rhythmic gymnastics could be licensed, but it “has no championship or medal value.”

Under Islamic Republic law, women in Iran must conceal their hair with a headscarf, or hijab, and cover their legs while in public. The dress code applies to Iranian athletes participating in competitions abroad.

Make-up, however, is not forbidden.