Saturday , 10 June 2023

IOPHR EVENT– “How to Stop the Global Threat of the Iranian Regime “

Shabtabnews – On the 8th February, IOPHR held an event at the UK parliament under the title of:  “How to Stop the Global Threat of the Iranian Regime”. The speakers at this event were Javaid Rehman – The UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Anna Firth MP – a Member of UK Parliament, Mattie Heaven – the Director of IOPHR and the Regional Deputy Chairman for the Conservative Party, Afshin Sajedi – IOPHR Representative at the European Parliament, and the chair of the event and the Director of IOPHR, Beverley Eve.

At the event Javaid Rehman gave a verbal report on the human rights situation in Iran since the September uprising, which began as a result of the murder of Mahsa Amini by the Iranian security forces, whilst she was in custody for not wearing a Hijab. Mr Rehman in his report stated that since the murder of Mahsa Amini, there have been widespread protests in Iran which has led to the murder of at least 527 protestors that included at least 34 women and 71 children. He also in his report mentioned that over 20,000 protestors have been arrested since September, many of whom, whilst in custody, have been subjected to torture, rape and sexual assault by the Iranian security forces.

While Mattie Heaven gave an update on human rights situation in Iran since the IOPHR’s last event in the UK parliament, and named the 4 protestors, as well as a British-Iranian citizen who were recently executed in Iran.  She also stressed the importance of the movement in support of putting the IRGC on the international terrorist list, which has started and must not be allowed to be halted, so that IRGC finally faces extreme sanctions. She also stressed that the Iranian regime does not represent the Iranian people, and the West must recognise this fact .

Mr Afshin Sajedi, in his presentation spoke about how the Iranian regime cannot be recognised as a nation-state, like we see in most countries, as it has a similar structure to many Mafia organisations and it consist of two tiers.  While Anna Firth stated that we, as part of the international community, must support the brave people of Iran in their efforts to overthrow the criminal regime controlling Iran. She also said that the West must not impose a government on Iran, and must simply support the Iranian people’s effort for change.

Finally Ms Eve gave a report on the last five month’s human rights situation in Iran. She also mentioned the dangers posed by the IRGC to Western societies by pointing to the recent published MI5 intelligence report on Iran.

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UK Parliament, 8th Feb 2023 – How to Stop the Global Threat of the Iranian Regime | Preserve Human Rights (