Saturday , 4 February 2023

Iranian PhD Student Defends Thesis In Prison

Iranwire – An Iranian student who is serving a 10-month prison sentence has defended his doctoral thesis behind bars.

Iranian PhD Student Defends Thesis In Prison

Pictures posted on social media show Yashar Dar’al Shafa, a student at Tehran’s University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, defending his thesis in Rajai Shahr Prison, west of the capital.

His supervisor and a three-member panel from the university were in attendance.

Dar’al Shafa’s thesis is about “the situation of laborers and their welfare.”

Iranian security forces arrested him and his brother Kaveh during the protests that rocked Iran in November 2018 following the announcement of a sharp spike in the price of gasoline.

Yashar and Kaveh were released on bail after spending some time in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison. They were later sentenced to 10 and 15 months in prison, respectively.

The two were re-arrested in September last year to serve their sentences.