Friday , 2 June 2023

Iran Human Rights Warns of Fabricated Charges; Concerns for Condition of MirYousef Younesi

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) – Following the arrest of MirYousef Younesi, father of elite jailed student Ali Younesi, three of his colleagues have been arrested and forced to pose in front of camera watching Sima Azadi (Mojahedin-e-Khalgh’s television channel).

Iran Human Rights Warns of Fabricated Charges; Concerns for Condition of MirYousef Younesi

While intensifying state repression, the Islamic Republic is also dehumanising and spreading hate against political groups and linking detainees to them in order to pressure them and reduce the cost of their heavy sentences.

Iran Human Rights warns against the fabricated charges against these citizens and expresses its concern about heave sentences against them.

MirYousef Younesi, the father of jailed elite student Ali Younesi, was arrested on December 28 at his parents’ home in Shahroud.

MirYousef’s other son, Reza Younesi told Iran Human Rights: “They arrested three of my father’s colleagues on the same day as his arrest but they were released later that day. We recently found out that when one of my of father’s colleagues was arrested, he was sat in front of the television with his wife and Mojahedin-e-Khalgh’s channel was aired while they were filmed.”

“They then took the same colleague to his office and made him sit at his desk and told him to pretend to work as he normally would. They then broke the door and filmed him being arrested to show he was arrested at work while he’d been arrested at his home earlier in the morning,” he added.

Reza further stated: “They arrested my dad when he was visiting my mother’s parents in Shahroud. They arrested him in front of his elderly parents while he visits my brother in prison every week and they could’ve arrested him then.”

“My father is still held in solitary confinement. When he called, he was under pressure and said that he’s constantly interrogated and insulted by 10-12 people who are trying to force him to accept false charges.”

MirYousef Younesi suffers from diabetes and heart problems and is denied access to medical care while under duress to force false confessions.