Friday , 3 February 2023

Defamation Campaign against the members of IOPHR

Shabtabnews – As part of a defamation campaign against the members of IOPHR ( International organisation to preserve human rights ) a certain groups of individuals have started to appear on various social media platforms in order to spread lies and slanders against the members of IOPHR. One of the programs that recently broadcasted these lies was the Youtube medial Channel named “Khurshid News” operated by Mr. Ramin (Alireza)  Peramon. When on 13th October 2022, a person who introduced himself as Mr (A.S) appeared on this program and openly attacked a few of the members of IOPHR and defamed IOPHR as an organisation and its members.

In response a member of IOPHR in an Instagram post warned Mr. Ramin (Alireza)  Peramon, against the spreading of these lies, which no doubt will have legal ramifications. As such types of slanders and defamation are illegal under defamation laws of most European countries. The members of IOPHR have also formalised these warnings in the below letter in which they directly ask Mr. Ramin (Alireza)  Peramon, to answer for his actions and the actions of his guest on his program.

For the Instagram post see below link:

For the letter to Mr. Ramin (Alireza)  Peramon, please see below file: