Monday , 28 November 2022

Iran National Liberation Front report on : Security versus Terrorism and Iran

Shabtabnews – In a recent report INLF outlined a workable and practical solution to the issue of ” Security versus Terrorism and Iran” .

The report also asked the world community especially the EU to : ”

1- to recall their representatives from the existing illegal regime ruling over the Iranian nation, and not to give refuge to the Islamic regime’s representatives, agents or their families alike.

2 – Any negotiations, deals or agreements, political or economic, open or secret, with the existing illegitimate and terrorist Islamic regime ruling in Iran will not only give credibility to this regime, but it will be in defiance of the majority of Iranian people, and it will prolong Islamic regime’s brutalities against masses and power-grip on the nation, and is therefore, condemned and declared VOID by Iranian people.

3 – To assist the Iranians in their just quest to conduct a free election under the observation of an International authority, to establish a law abiding form of governance in Iran.

4 – Allow INLF to use the Iranian assets blocked by different countries as collaterals to issue National Bonds to assist suffering people, in relieving their economic hardships in Iran “

For the full report please see below file: