Wednesday , 6 December 2023

Iran Protests: “We Will Kill Whoever Killed My Sister!”

Iranwire – Fifteen nights of protest in Iran have seen crowds gather in cities across the country, from Tehran to Mashhad to Sanandaj, chanting slogans and confronting security forces, after the September 16 murder by morality police of Mahsa Amini.

Thousands of people have been arrested and dozens – an unknown number, really – have been killed. Journalists are in jail. Students, professors, truck drivers and many others have gone on strike. Football teams are due to play matches to empty stadiums.

And in an exclusive report yesterday, IranWire revealed that the government’s security and intelligence officials are increasingly fearing a mutiny in their ranks over the violent response to the demonstrations.

Numerous videos published overnight show the ongoing protests across Iranian cities.

Protesters in Sanandaj, Kurdistan, continued their demonstrations with the slogan “Women, life, freedom!” and “Women of freedom!” But gunfire could be heard during parts of the protests.

In Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan province, protesters faced off against armed security forces, and responded to their attacks by hurling stones. Other protesters in the same city vent their rage against the killing of Mahsa Amini by chanting “We will will – we will kill whoever killed my sister!”

Security forces in Kerman, Kerman province, opened fire on protesters, according to this video, but despite this the demonstrations continued and citizens were undeterred. And a video from Abadan, Khuzestan province, shows the constant sound of gunfire during protests.

And in a video from Rasht, Gilan province, a plainclothes security agent was seen carrying a shotgun, while the second video shows ongoing protests in the city. The third video shows a shopkeeper talking about strikes in Rasht and around the country.

Car drivers in Yazd, Yazd province, joined the protests by continuously blaring their car horns.

Female protesters in the capital, Tehran, removed and twirled their headscarves and clapped their hands in a joyous effort to throw off the mandatory hijad headscarves.

Young protesters in Qom light a fire in the street as a sign of defiance.

Medical students at the University of Isfahan rallied during the day yesterday to call for the release of all students detained during the recent protests.

And in Kabul, in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, a group of Afghan women gathered in front of the Iranian embassy to support women in Iran and the nationwide protests. Women in Afghanistan are themselves suppressed by Taliban policies and the Kabul demonstrators were reportedly dispersed after Taliban attacks.