Monday , 28 November 2022

Detained protesters brutalized and held in horrible conditions

Iran-HRM – Reports on the condition of detained protesters in various cities show that a very large number of youths have been detained and are being kept in horrible conditions in various detention centers across Iran. The number of arrested protesters has exceeded 10,000.

On September 22, Mohsen Mansouri, the governor of Tehran, announced in his personal account that 1,800 people were arrested in just one night and only in Tehran.

In addition to the arrest of citizens in the streets, the arrest of students has also been widespread.

Detainees in Tehran

The number of detainees in Tehran is very high. On Saturday, September 24, a large number of families gathered in front of Evin prison and demanded the release of their loved ones.

On Saturday, September 24, following the gathering of Sharif University students, Bassij forces and plainclothes agents disrupted the gathering. When the students were about to leave the university, security agents attacked them, arresting many of them and taking them to an unknown place in a van.

On Wednesday, September 21, about 100 of the women arrested during the protests were transferred to Qarchak prison in Varamin. Most of the detainees were in their 20s. Some of their arms, legs or shoulders were broken due to beating and torture, and some of them were severely beaten in the face. The detainees have been told to tell their families to prepare a bail of one billion tomans.

Detainees in Mashhad

On the evening of Thursday, September 22, more than 100 women were arrested in the protests in Mashhad. They were transferred to the women’s ward of Vakil Abad prison. The arrested women were severely beaten by the security forces, interrogated and arraigned of their charges in the quarantine ward.

Arrests in Gorgan

In Gorgan, those arrested are taken to Amirabad prison.

In the evening of September 20, security forces arrested a large number of young men and women in the street and took them to the detention center of Amirabad prison in Gorgan by two buses. Due to the lack of space and the large number of arrested people, some of them were transferred to the quarantine of Amirabad prison.

Most of those arrested were 15 or 16-year-old teenagers. Several women, including a 65-year-old woman, were among the detainees, an informed source said.

When the families of those arrested followed up about their loved ones and objected to keeping them without an arrest warrant, the authorities told them they were allowed to keep their children for two months.

Arrests in Birjand

The families do not know anything about the arrested children and only a few have been released on bail. There were many women among those arrested.

According to a reliable source, “Every day they attack the houses of the detainees and harass the families. They are looking for evidence to link the children to different factions. Most families are unaware of their loved ones and they are not given any answers about what they have done with their children.”

According to this source, “Many of the shopowners on Moalem Street in Birjand have been arrested in their shops. Security forces first beat and tortured them in their shops, gave them electric shocks and injured them. One of the shop owners broke his ankle during the arrest. Many girls have also been arrested, most of them are under 18 years old. One of them is 13 years old.”

Arrests in Esfarayen

Some 100 persons have been arrested in the city of Esfarayen. On September 21, some 90 people were arrested in Esfarayen and transferred to Sarmaran prison. In addition, the security forces raided the houses of some citizens of Esfarayen and arrested them.

Three people were killed and several injured during a protest demonstration in Esfarayen on the night of Wednesday, September 21. A woman was shot in the back and died after being taken to the hospital. Another woman was shot in the eye and lost her sight.

70 people arrested in Bijar

Seventy people were arrested in Bijar on September 22. There is no information about their names and details and their place of transfer.

Arrest of protesters in Islam Shahr

In the first two days of the protests, IRGC agents arrested around 100 people in Islamshahr. These detainees were transferred to the Seyyed al-Shohada Corps headquarters in Islamshahr and were kept blindfolded in the open area of ​​this headquarters for 48 hours. During this time, they were severely tortured and beaten.

During these 48 hours, only one meal (only bread) was given to these detainees.

Arrest of protesters in Karaj

According to footages from Iran, the protesters were taken to one of the detention centers in Karaj. In this film, it is shown that the detainees are taken inside the building in a completely inhuman manner and with beatings and violence.

Also, according to the reports published on Friday, September 23, ten women and 30 men were arrested in the protests of recent days in Karaj. They have been transferred to Kachouii prison in Karaj after the interrogations were over.

Arrests in Sari

One of the places of detention in Sari, the capital of Mazandaran province, is the Sari Correctional and Rehabilitation Center located at 10 km of Darya Road (Farah Abad). About 30 to 40 detainees are kept in this place. Some others are detained in the Sari IRGC Intelligence Center.

Detainees in Rasht

There were so many detainees in Rasht, they were all taken to the basement of the municipality and tortured. People said they were screaming and moaning.

Detainees in Yasuj

On Wednesday, September 21, 22 protestors (17 women and 5 men) were arrested by security forces and taken to an unknown place. At least three people were severely beaten during their detention.