Thursday , 29 September 2022

Iran Protests: Revolt in Different Cities Continues on Thursday Night

Iranwire – Protests against the mullahs’ dictatorship continued for the seventh night in more than 30 cities in Iran on Thursday. Women burned their headscarves, crowds gathered around bonfires and individual citizens engaged with security forces working overtime to violently disperse them.

The early evening was marked by the regime arresting more prominent activists and journalists, including the blogger Hossein Ronaghi. Numerous government websites were also offline due to a co-ordinated hacking campaign by Anonymous.

In Tehran, protesters set up roadblocks and chanted “Death to the dictator” in Tajrish square. Videos sent by citizen journalists to IranWire showed crowds forming in different parts of the city center long after nightfall.

Demonstrators in Tehran also crowded onto the Metro to call out “Brave Iranians, support us, support us” to evening travelers, and set up roadblocks to stop police from reaching protests in different parts of the capital.

The Twitter account 1500tasvir, which covers street protests in Iran as they happen, has posted a video showing a large protest outside a Basij base in Ekbatan, west of Iran. Locals report officers in the base were shining a green laser onto protesters’ faces seemingly in an attempt to identify them before shooting. 

The same account has posted additional video evidence of a long-held belief that security forces are co-opting medical services to trap and detain protesters, as they did in November 2019. The video shows an ambulance being driven last night not into a hospital, but straight into a police station.

Other videos posted by 1500tasvir last night showed large crowds had formed again in the city of Hamedan, where earlier in the day a group of young people were filmed chasing armed officers down the street. In Kashmer, Razavi Khorazan province, locals pushed back against police forces for hours, armed with little more than stones and using trash cans as shields.

The journalist Afsheen Nariman has shared footage of a large protest in Kashan, Isfahan province last night. Men and women marched down the street chanting “Death to the dictator”.

Iran International reports that protesters have been spraying Mahsa Amini‘s name onto the walls of prominent buildings in different cities. This video shows graffiti on the wall of Qom Seminary in one of the most holy cities for Shia Muslims, home to many of the ruling clergy and a crucial source of the regime’s income.

In Babol, Mazandaran province, angry protesters set fire to a billboard displaying the image of Ali Khamenei, according to a video sent to the women’s rights activist Masih Alinejad.

In some cities in Kurdistan including Ashnoye and Sanandaj, despite the lethal suppression tactics deployed by police on Sunday and Monday, people also entered into confrontations with armed officers on the streets. 

In the city of Meshgin Shahr in Ardabil province, a video sent to IranWire showed a group of young men chasing a large group of Basij forces and uniformed officers away, throwing stones at their retreating backs. Elsewhere people threw oil into the road in front of a fleet of riot police on motorcycles, causing several of them to slip over.

In Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan in southwest Iran, security forces could be seen shooting directly at protesters after dark. 

Officers have also stopped at nothing to take individuals they have caught into custody. In Bandar-e Anzali in Gilan province, in the north of Iran, one video showed a group of protesters taking refuge in an apartment block. Moments later helmeted riot police broke into the parking lot to get inside the building and pursue them. CCTV footage sent to IranWire from Tehran also shows young protesters being strip-searched on the sidewalk.

Direct fire from security forces also killed at least one more person on Thursday night: that of a teenager in Kermanshah, who has not yet been named.

Earlier in the evening IranWire was able to confirm the deaths of two more young people who stood up for their rights this week: 21-year-old Irfan Rezaei, from Amol, and 23-year-old Hananeh Kia from Nowshahr.

Iran Protests: Revolt in Different Cities Continues on Thursday Night