Friday , 24 March 2023

Women Protest Unsafe Streets in Marivan

Iranwire – Women have gathered in front of the main courthouse in Marivan, Kurdistan province, to protest over harassment and poor public safety in the city.

The protest on Thursday saw participants holding up placards stating “We Want Security” and highlighting a recent recorded increase in violence against women.

Local media in Marivan and the Kurdistan Human Rights Network report a woman is in critical condition in one of the city’s hospitals after she was followed into her house and attacked  earlier this week. She escaped by throwing herself off a two-storey building.

Earlier this week a woman was followed into her home and assaulted in the city

Protester Zahid Karimi said of the incident on Wednesday: “A person has been identified; they’re one of the city’s thugs and mobsters.” The Marivan prosecutor has denied them bail.