Friday , 19 July 2024

USCIRF: Religious Prisoners of Conscience in Iran

Shabtabnews – Iran has gone to great lengths to arrest and detain religious minorities, including Christians, Baha’is, Sunni Muslims, Sufis, and spiritualists. The Iranian government has taken it a step further and also targeted those who peacefully dissent from the government’s preferred religious views, particularly women, nontheists, and members of the LGBTI community. Amid country-wide protests in Iran over the past several weeks over food subsidies, as well as ongoing multilateral talks in Vienna, Iran is once again in the foreign policy spotlight.

USCIRF Supervisory Policy Analyst Scott Weiner with Victims List and Outreach Specialist Dylan Schexnaydre join us today to discuss religious prisoners of conscience in Iran and USCIRF’s Freedom of Religion or Belief Victims List.