Friday , 19 July 2024

Contraceptives Banned from Public Display in Iran

Iranwire – A week after medical staff “aiding and abetting” in abortions became a criminal offence in Iran, the authorities have issued a blanket ban on contraceptives being placed on public display.

A letter from the Food and Drug Administration leaked on social media on Wednesday orders Iranian pharmacies to take stock of any contraceptive products such as condoms and “place them on back shelves not visible from the pharmacy window”.

قرار دادن کاندوم در معرض دید ممنوع شد.

اینم جزو شروط برجام بوده؟
وگرنه این دغدغه در وضعیت کنونی اقتصادی چیزی جز بلاهت نیست.— رضا حیرانی (@RezaHeyrani) June 28, 2022

The move comes as part of a months-long, staggered consolidation of the “Law on Family Protection and Youth“, a set of draconian restrictions on reproductive rights and family planning in Iran introduced last year, aimed at increasing the birth rate as demanded by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Last February a circular from Hamid Reza Inanloo, director-general of the FDA’s controlled medicines division, also barred public and private health centers from advertising or distributing free or subsidized contraceptives to patients

On Saturday the governor of Tehran, Mohsen Mansouri, had publicly called for an intensification of enforcement action against health providers that help women end their pregnancies voluntarily. “That, and this action, must be stopped,” he said.